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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soldiers Get Their Overseas Duffle Bags

Camp Polk, Louisiana
Dec. 23, 1943
Thurs. Noon

(inside envelope flap)
I miss you &
love you!!
Write Soon. All my love

My Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I just as well start this letter now. I know I’ll write – even if I don’t get a letter tonite. I think about you so much honey & miss you – mercy how I miss you. I love you more every day. I’ll really have a lot of love saved up for you honey – by the time I see you!

It’s been raining all morning & it’s pretty cold too. It’ll probably rain over the week-end too.

We saw another training film this morning. The next of Kin” - The purpose of it was to teach you to keep your trap shut, I mean us not you honey! Then we had bayonet drill – spent the rest of the morning inside. There goes chow honey – finish this tonite. Honey I love YOU!

         Well honey I did get a letter from you today even if it was short. Short or long – I like to hear from you – but the long ones are nice.
A guy got a pint of Mount Vernon today – I had a little cough & that stuff is pretty good for it. It was kinda cool in the barracks tonite anyway. It’s still raining & I wouldn’t be surprised if we had snow or sleet!

         We had it easy today since it rained all day. We got our overseas duffle-bag today & a lot of new clothes. I guess it won’t be long honey.

         The 1st Sargeant & all the rest of the Sargeants are on K.P. Christmas day so we’ll be free. Revielle Christmas day is any time we want to get up.

         Honey this is the second time you sent me this “Mother” joke. I was still kicking the sides of my cradle when I first heard it.

You were pretty sick huh – honey? I guess you couldn’t help that tho. I understand why you couldn’t write!

A couple of guys just went out & brought back a pine tree to set up for Christmas. They sure got one big enough- it touches the ceiling & is about ten feet wide.

There sure is a lot of crazy antics going on around the barracks tonite.

Honey – I wish I was with you tonite – every nite for that matter. I could love the hell right out of you!!

Darling I miss you so much. Write very soon. I’ve got to answer Mom’s letter tonite yet.

Goodnite honey – X    X       X       X
         X       O      X       O      X
All My Love        Johnny

MILLION   X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X         X


  1. Christmas away from home is bad enough....

  2. You can tell he's lonely, cause this is one of his longest letters!