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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December 3, 1943

Armored Force
Camp Polk, Louisiana
Dec. 3, 1943
10:00 P.M.

Darling Mark –

Hello Sweetheart ! !

I certainly have gotten a lot of mail from you the past 2 days. Yesterday, just as we were getting ready to leave the motor pool for our problem they gave out the mail & I got 2 cards and 2 letters from you, that you had mailed to my old outfit. Tonite when we came in was another letter & card on my bunk.

We didn’t get in till 9 P.M. – I’ve just finished eating chow.

Honey – now I didn’t break my arm! I can only remember the 2 days we were in the field last week that I didn’t write. Honey – I write every day I can & I’ll try & write every day without fail – letter or no letter from you. Honey – I miss not getting a letter from you every day too. I always look forward for your letter on my bunk at the end of the day. It makes it a lot happier. Honey – I miss you a lot more too; if I don’t get a letter from you every day.

From now on honey – I’ll try my darndest to write you every day & maybe twice.

You said you were going to a dinner tomorrow nite & probably wouldn’t get to write. I’ll write anyway to make up for what I’m behind.

It rained all last nite – so the Sarge & I put the top on the jeep and slept inside. It was cramped & not very restful, but we kept dry. Today it was sure muddy – that jeep looked like a big gob of mud. I guess I’ll be all day cleaning it tomorrow.

Honey – every time I look at your picture – I miss you worse & love you more! It’s sure a darling. Got any more?

I haven’t heard from Lu. & Cec yet – but I guess I will in time.

I didn’t do any work on this problem but drive, but we sure put in the hours - & we don’t get double-time unless it’s double-time-work!

Well – honey I guess I’ll close for tonite & get a little sleep.

Honey – I love you & miss you more every day! I’ll write tomorrow again.

Goodnite now, honey!        X       O      X
XOXOX      All My Love        xox   Johnny    

Hear about the first-nighter who looked at a particularly hefty chorus girl in one of the musicals & mused, “Hmmm, all that meat and only two ‘points’!”  Get it?


  1. How sweet. I think Mark has hit the place in the relationship where she seriously, seriously loves this man!

  2. Yes, I think so too! She told me that for a long time she didn't care one way or the other and then suddenly she fell completely in love with him and couldn't WAIT to get married!
    This must be that point where it happened for her!