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Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 2, 1943

Armored Force
Camp Polk, Louisiana
Nov. 2, 1943
Thurs. 12:00

Darling Mark, -

         Hello Sweetheart ! !

I haven’t much time to write today. We’re going in the field right after chow, & come back sometime tomorrow evening.

Honey – every time I look at your picture now I miss you so much I feel like coming to K.C. which I know I can’t – but that’s the way I feel.

It’s time for chow now so I’ll finish this when I get back if I have time.

Back again & stuffed to the gills with pork chops!

It’s pretty warm today – I guess it’ll rain tonight! It rained last nite quite a bit.

Is it very cold in K.C.?  I don’t think it could be any colder than when I was home.

Well honey I’d better close now & do some more packing. I’ll be thinking about you constantly.

Bye now.   Write Soon.

I miss you honey ! !

All My Love        X       O      X
X       X       X       Johnny     X       O      X
X       X       X       O      X       X       X       O      X       

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  1. What I wouldn't give to see HER letters to him. I'm sure it was his idea to toss his letters...just wish she'd been able to salvage them.