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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 30, 1943

Camp Polk, Louisiana
Nov. 30, 1943

Darling Mark,
         Hello Sweetheart !
         Oh! What a wonderful letter I got from you today. Honey – I didn’t think you could do it. And you said you couldn’t write a morale boosting letter! Just keep them coming like that & I’ll be more than satisfied. It was nice & long too – 9 ½ pages!
I doubt that I can equal that tonite honey. I got a big kick out of the pictures – didn’t you?
How did the wedding pictures come out? I’d like to see one. Send the picture of Cec & me together – if you have any more made.
Yes honey I think I’ll keep these pictures if you don’t care too much.
Today was pay-day for the guys – but I got red-lined on account of being transferred. I don’t know when I’ll get paid – in a couple of weeks I hope.
There’s a poker game going on across the room & you can hear the dice roll on the floor upstairs.
I really have given up all gambling tho honey.
This afternoon we fired the 45 pistol again and except for that I didn’t do anything.
We have been getting up at 5:00 but tomorrow we get up at 5:45. I have to be down at the motor pool at 6:30 and take a radio prep out in the field. I usually sleep an hour after breakfast 6:30 to 7:30.
Honey – you’re not alone when you’re missing those kisses – I could use a couple of dozen before I finish this page.
I haven’t received any mail that has been sent to my old outfit yet. The mail-orderly said he would send it to me - but I guess it takes time. They’re out on maneuvers. That’s one thing I’m glad I missed – but I have a feeling I’ll see a lot more of problems & maneuvers yet!
Honey I’ll have a picture taken every chance I get & send it to you – but right now we don’t have time for anything but work. Can’t even get out of camp.
Honey – I don’t know what to forgive you for – what you done to me that I didn’t like is something I forget. Anyway honey – I’ll forget everything mean you did to me – even if I don’t know what it was. (Maybe there was a couple of things – but I forgot them too).
Honey I think of you every hour of the day & miss you more every hour. I can feel one of those kisses right now – well almost, anyway.
I just know I could go for one now & how.
Honey – I’m at my end to write. I could write a couple of pages telling you I miss you an awful lot tho.
I’m going to write Cec & Lu & hit the hay. I never can get enough sleep & when I’m off duty I hate to use it up sleeping the time away.
Well honey I’d better close for tonight & hope I dream of you.
Goodnite now – Write very soon. I miss you honey a hell of a lot.
         All My Love                 Johnny     X O X

X       O      X       X       X               X       X       X               X       X         X      

P.S. How would you like to have a Scotch & soda – honey ? ? ?

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  1. I think this might be the most revealing letter concerning your mom. And how sweet the response to her wanting forgiveness...these are such a treasure.