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Monday, November 21, 2011

November 28, 1943

Camp Polk, Louisiana
Sunday 8. P.M.
Nov. 28, 1943

Darling Mark,
         Hello Honey !
         I’m really happy today! I got 2 cards from you & the letter you wrote Thanksgiving day! The cards are nice honey – but I like the letters best.
I just came from Mass. I went to communion too. We had to work till noon & then had an inspection of vehicles & had the rest of the day off. So I slept. They’re having Mass on Sunday nites too for the outfits that work on Sunday.
We might get Sunday off hereafter. I hope. I got a letter from home today too! Everything okay – Dad has a job now. I’m sending $25 a month home to save. It comes out of my pay – that’s about the only way I’d get to send it. If I sent it myself, I’d never save it.
Tomorrow we go out on the grenade range & throw live grenades. It should be fun.
Honey – I just couldn’t turn around after I left you – if I had I’d probably still be there. Honey it’s so hard to leave like that – I just had to.
Next time I come home I probably won’t have to leave.
Honey – you’re doing alright at writing a morale boosting letter. I’ve read this one 4 times & have got it in my lap now. I’m sitting on my bunk.
I think I’ll go to a show tonite & see “Thousands Cheer”. We get up at 5:00 here now.
The “kid” won’t read your letters anymore & he won’t bother me now. He went to the Air Corps.
The first chance I get I’m going to put in for Air Cadet here. If I get a chance.
Well honey I’d better write Mom a letter & get to that show – a couple of guys are saving a place in line for me.
Tell Lu & Cec hello & to write.
Goodnite now honey.  Miss you an awful lot.  Write soon – huh?
I’m not so blue since I’ve got this letter from you honey.
X       O      X               X       O      X
All My Love                         Johnny     X       O      X
         X       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x       x  


  1. How sweet. This is just killing me that no one kept HER letters to HIM!!! I'm sure her letters focused on the HOME Grandpa getting a job!!! Who knew?

  2. you just have to read between the lines and imagine what she must have written. I'm really surprised they didn't keep her letters, too. They kept everything else!