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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Has A Slow Saturday Night in England, Gonna Make Coffee

Sat 8:00 P.M.
Somewhere in England

My Darling Mark

         Hello Sweetheart

No letter today – but since I’m not busy just as well write. Sat. nite & nothing to do – oh if I were in K.C.

         I got a letter from Mom & one from Sis today. I just finished answering them.

         Honey this letter is going to be short. I don’t have anything special to write about & I didn’t get a letter from you.

         We’re starting to get passes now to go to town. We have our English money too. Very complicated system to me.

         We’re going to make a little coffee in the hut tonite so will start closing & get this over to the censor & it might go out tomorrow.

         Darling I love you & miss you. Come to think of it – Valentine’s day is the 14th. You still mine – honey? I hope so cause I’m coming back to you.

         If you don’t get a Valentine from me you’ll know why honey – its impossible to get any here.

         I guess I’d better answer Mom’s & Sis’ Letters now, & then hit the hay & I mean hay.

         We have no reveille in the morning, anyway. Bye for now Darling!
Write soon & often.
         All My Love        Johnny

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