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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Hasn't Seen A Newspaper In A Month

Feb. 4, 1944
Fri. 3:00 PM (9:00 AM K.C.)

My Darling Mark –

         Hello Sweetheart ! 

I didn’t write last nite – I wanted to wait till we got our other address. I’ve got a little time this afternoon so thought I’d write a little. I just finished a Vmail to Mom. Its pretty cold today & snowed for a minute or two. How’s old K.C.?  I’d sure like to be back there with you – honey. I’d sure be making up for lost time.

         It’s about time to fall out honey so I’ll finish this tonite & hope I get a letter from you.

8:00 P.M.
         There wasn’t any mail today so naturally I didn’t get a letter from you.

         I haven’t anything else to do so I just as well write huh honey?

         I’m laying on my bunk so if you find this difficult to read you know why.

         I just finished shaving & it was too cold to shower. We shower once in the summer & not so many times in the winter.

         I see where I’m going to have to put a little more straw in this bunk – its getting kinda hard.

         Have you been over to Lu & Cec’s lately. Honey every time you go over there – tell them I said hello.

         I didn’t get any of your pictures yet.

         Honey I sure miss you – I hope it isn’t too long till I get back. I don’t want you to get tired waiting.

         Honey you can send some newspaper clippings in your letters if you want. I haven’t seen a newspaper for a month. Anything that’s going on in K.C.

         Well honey I’d better close for tonite. I got a V-mail from a buddy in my old outfit I should answer.

         I’ll write more tomorrow – honey. Bye now & write real soon. Tell my future mother in law hello. I love you honey.

         All My Love Darling           Johnny

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