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Monday, March 26, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Visits A 700 Year Old Cathedral

Feb. 27, 1944
Sunday Eve.

My Darling Mark

         Hello Sweetheart ! 

Mama Mia – no letter for over a week now honey.

         I know why tho – since you haven’t heard from me for a month – I guess you don’t know whether to write or not huh?

         This is my weekly blue letter to you honey – not necessarily because I’m blue but because of the blue envelope. Just the base censor – censors it & it isn’t censored by our officers. I just came back from town – I went & visited a cathedral & honey it was really something to see. I’ve never seen a church so large & beautiful & as old. Over 700 yrs. I really couldn’t start to explain it. It has about 7 altars in it. The pews have these velvet cushions & pillows for kneeling pads.

         I got a card from Sis today that I have to answer. She said she was going to call you – did she?

         Honey I sho miss you an awful lot! What I wouldn’t give to be back there with you. I had a dream about you the other nite & like a dope I must have acted the same way as I do in your dreams.

         Someday we’ll make up for this lost time honey on the double time. I’ll never stop loving you honey. How I’d like to be in your arms now – mercy!

         Honey I sure miss you. I write every chance I get honey – so if you don’t hear from me for a day or two or even a week – just believe me I’m busy, & would write if it was possible.

         We’ve got to get up earlier in the morning honey – so I’d better get to sleep.

         Goodnite now Darling.
         Write very soon – I miss you so much.
                 All My Love Darling   Johnny

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