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Sunday, March 4, 2012

OVERSEAS: Our WWII Soldier Is Now In England!

Jan. 14, 1944
Mon. Eve. 8:00 PM

My Darling Mark –

         Hello Sweetheart !

Well – honey I’ll start answering the letters I got yesterday & today. I got 4 of the 16th 17th 18th & 20th. I was really happy to get that many letters from you honey – I hope they keep coming.

         I went to town Sat. nite & Sun. & didn’t get back in time to write. I got a letter from Mom & a package she sent me an identification bracelet – its really nice. I got a letter from Cec. too yesterday. I just finished washing some clothes out.

         I seen a church in this town that was over 700 years old & they still hold Mass in it. There’s quite a few interesting sights to see.

Honey I slept till 10:00 Sunday morning & went to 11:00 Mass. It sure felt good to sleep that late.

Mom knew I was going across when she got the change of address card & she wrote & told me to be brave & say my prayers. I got a letter from Sis & she said she took it pretty hard – but I guess she’ll get used to it.

Yes honey I guess I was smoking a pipe when I first met you – I’ll bet the pipe holder is sharp.

Okay honey I’ll address my letters Mr & Mrs C. R. Green – I never thought of it before. I’ve got to write Cec. tonite so that’s the way I’ll address it.

We’ve just brewed a can of coffee – its not bad – we make some about every nite.

You asked me if I was hard to please with meals. Honey after what I’ve ate & been eating & probably will eat – anything will please me. Right now I’d give a months pay for a good steak of pre-war days. We did have pork chops today. I like meatballs & spaghetti too honey.

The weather here is changeable as Kansas. One day its cold as hell & next day it rains. Its just a drizzle but it keeps it damp all the time here.

Well honey I’d better close now & write to the folks. You told me to. I’ve got to conserve stationery too – I don’t know when I’ll get more. Bye now Darling.

Write Soon. Oceans of love & a kiss on every wave.

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