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Saturday, March 17, 2012

WWII Blue Envelope Mail: Censored by the Base Censor But Not By The Soldier's Officers

click on the image of the envelope to see it larger

Feb. 16, 1944
Wed. 7:30 P.M.

My Darling Mark

         Hello Sweetheart !  No letter today, but I’ve received 4 from you in the last two days – so I guess its still my turn to write. If you’re wondering about this blue envelope – we get to send one a week. These aren’t censored by our own officers only by the base censor. Honey – a guy just can’t write what he really feels when he knows the officers he sees every day is reading his mail. 10 to 1 – the censor doesn’t even remember anything he reads– he has to censor so many – but that’s the way we feel about it.

         I’ve been thinking about you a hell of a lot today – honey – but I always do. Honey you don’t know how much I love & miss you. What I wouldn’t give to be with you now. I guess being over here will make me appreciate a home more when I get back. I always took it for granted.

         I’ll try my darndest to make you happy as possible honey. If you only knew what your love for me means to me honey. I hope it isn’t too long before I come back to you. I know its rough for you too honey to have to wait & not know for how long. Darling – if at any time you feel like you don’t want to wait on me to come back – or want to marry someone else – I guess I couldn’t hold it against you, even if I love you more than anything in this world. I know I couldn’t forget you honey & never will, I love (you) too much I know.

         It rained all day today honey & it sure is muddy around here. Its never been dry since we arrived here – only me. I don’t care for these beers here so much & you can’t get anything else.

         There’s a lot of women here – most of which are in the service of some kind. They don’t compare with U.S. girls tho. I can’t even get interested in them – not that I’m supposed to honey – but just in case you’re wondering. Just thinking of you keeps me satisfied honey – believe me.

         Well, Darling I’ve only got 2 sheets of this paper & had to get it thru channels. Tell all your folks & Dee Dee hello. Darling write soon & often – your letters mean so much to me honey. I’ll write every chance I get too honey. Goodnite honey.

         I love you & miss you Darling. A 1000 kisses
                          All My Love                 Johnny


  1. i hate the Goverment they always censor your shit
    like your postages are censored.

    use EMAIL instead of writing letters
    so theres no censors...AVOID AOL THOUGH!

  2. Hello, I am researching a thesis for graduate school and it has to do wit military censorship during world war II. I was wondering if I could email you to discuss this letter more. my email is Thank you!