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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our WWII Soldier Had A Pretty Nice Voyage to England

Jan. 31, 1943 (sic)
Mon. 7:00 P.M.
(1:00 P.M. K.C. Time)

My Darling Mark –

         Hello Sweetheart !

I got your V mail letter of the 13th today – I got an air mail from Cec. too.

         I was sure glad to hear from you honey – I hope you write very often honey.

         We had a pretty nice trip over – it got pretty rough at times & at the first couple of days a lot of the guys got pretty seasick. I never got sick – but felt like I was on a cheap drunk a couple of times.

         As you hoped I’m well & happy – I could be happier tho.

         If you’re wondering – I’m somewhere in England – honey. It’s a pretty nice country & pretty. The people are really friendly. The kids go nuts over candy & gum, thats the first thing they asked us for when we seen them. We got coffee & donuts & cigs & candy & gum from the Red Cross. We gave a lot of our cigarettes to the British Tommies. They really appreciated them. We’re rationed to 7 packs a week which is plenty & 1 pack of gum – 1 bar of soap – 3 candy bars – 2 razor blades & 1 roll of mints.

         This British monetary system is kinda screwy – but I guess we can get used to it.

         Our quarters here aren’t really bad – I had expected worse. Its cold over here now & rains quite a bit.

         I got a letter from you before we embarked. I got one from Ralph on the ship.

         There isn’t much more that I can write about or can think about at present. I’ll write every chance I get honey & hope you do too.

         I miss you honey & love you more every day. Don’t worry about anyone beating you to me honey – even if it is leap year.

         Goodnite now honey – Write Soon.
I love you Darling!
         All My Love                 Johnny
Hows that “Dentist” deal?

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