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Monday, August 2, 2010

April 22, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
April 22, 1943

Darling Mark,

I miss you honey! I haven’t anything else to do so I’m writing to you – so ya can see. I got a letter from Cec. today & just finished answering it.

We were told at noon today that the whole U.S. Army was restricted this week-end.

Sat. morning we go back to camp for a parade & something else – but the Capt. Said he didn’t know what it was. Something must be in the wind. If anyone is not in camp at 10:00 Sat. nite it means a court-martial.

Early Monday morning we’re pulling out and going about 200 miles north. It’s somewhere close or in Nebraska. The rumors around here say we’ll be there a week & then are coming back to the barracks at Funston. I hope so.

Last nite I was gently awakened at 11:00 by a Sargeant who asked if I would go on guard with 5 other guys? (I said yes) We were supposed to have been attacked by another co. last nite but nothing happened. What a miserable nite. The rest of the fellows in camp slept all nite & knew nothing about it.

I’m going to move & hide my tent tonight where they can’t find me.

I just finished cleaning my gun & so I guess I’ll go for a swim & try & shave.

It was cold as blazes last nite but now it’s hot as – yes it is.
Well sweetheart – I’ll close for now. Answer soon – huh?

I’ll be seeing you honey I hope. Bye now.

All My Love

P.S. I got my new Easter bonnet today – 2-1/2 lbs of steel – G.I. Green.

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