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Sunday, August 8, 2010

April 25, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
April 25, 1943

(inside flap:

Hello Sweetheart!!
I miss you very much
Write soon.

Darling Mark:

I received your letter this morn. We’re back at the barracks for today. This morning the whole 9th Am’d Div. was out and lined up along the streets, and guess who came by and looked us over – the President! That guy sure gets around.

We got up this morning about 4:30 & it was raining like hell! I had my uniform outside & it got soaked & I had to wear it to church this morning. I went to Communion too. They hold services out on the parade grounds, but I went to the chapel – it looked like it was going to rain again.

Tonight about 8:00 we move back to the bivouac area. I hope my tent is still up.

They’ve been calling men out for physical exams for overseas duty. I’ll probably be called pretty soon. Not many are passing them.

Boy this sure is a dreary day to be Easter. I wish I was with you. I sure do miss you honey!

Hope you’re feeling better sweetheart?

You better learn to play golf pretty good by the time I see you again – we’ll go out & shoot about 36 holes.

Here’s a joke I ran across yesterday:

MOTHER – entering room abruptly – WHY! – I NEVER!!
DAUGHTER – Oh, Mother – you MUST have!

Well – honey I’d better close for now & get ready to move out.

Get well soon honey. Write soon.
I miss you – sweetheart!

All My Love

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