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Monday, August 30, 2010

May 13, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
May 13, 1943
8:15 A.M.

(inside envelope flap)

Darling Mark:

Hello – sweetheart. I’ve got a little time off this morning so I thought I’d start a letter. We got all ready to go on a problem this morning & now we don’t go out till this afternoon. Just part of the co. went out & we have to wait till they set up their defensive positions. We’re also going to do some combat firing this afternoon. I’m going to have it easy again today. I’m operating a telephone radio in a jeep.

It’s still cloudy & dreary out today. I wish to hell it would stay warm awhile.

I went to sleep last nite around 9:00 & I’m still sleepy & tired. I don’t know why – I haven’t done anything all week.

Oh-oh – we’re being called out now for a little lecture. Bye now.

Well, I’m back again. A Lt. gave us the dope about this afternoon’s firing. We’re firing live ammunition. I hope a certain Lt. gets in front of me.

I just came back from firing the 60 M.M. mortar. Am now just waiting for chow call. I think I’ll take a little nap now. Kinda sleepy.

9:00 P.M.
Hello again honey – I just finished shaving & taking shower & am now getting ready for some good ole sleep. I was going to have some pictures taken tonite but its’ too late. We didn’t get in till 7:00 this evening. We’re on the alert again tomorrow & Sat. so I won’t get to take them then. I guess I’ll have to wait till next week. But I promise I’ll send you one as soon as possible.

Thanks to you & Lu for the chocolates. They were really good while they lasted. Boy! I got a lot of pals. I also got a letter from you – I must rate! You’re improving honey – 4 pages – but I’d be disappointed if I didn’t. I got some kisses for you too. I got off on the wrong track. I guess I shouldn’t talk about 4 pages. NUTS – honey for the past 15 minutes I’ve been in a stupor thinking about you.

That’s what takes me so long to write a letter – I stop about every other line & dream of you. Here I go again!

I got a letter from Cec. today – I’m going to write him after I finish this & then I’m going to sleep – I hope I dream of you.

How did you know I took up pipe smoking? I never said anything about it – did I?

Well honey I’d better close for tonite. It’s getting late. 9:45. Write soon sweetheart – my day isn’t perfect without a letter form you! Goodnite now – honey.

All My Love

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