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Sunday, August 29, 2010

May 11, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
May 11, 1943
7:30 P.M.

(inside envelope flap)

X O X Write Soon

Darling Mark:

Thanks to you & Lu for the card! I wish I could have shown you a better time. It’s nice out here again tonite – these are the kind of evenings I wish I was with you.

We’re on the alert again from noon today till tomorrow noon & then from Friday noon till Sat. noon. I think we’ll get off at noon Sat. – but the 1st Sargeant will probably have me on guard. Out in the field yesterday, he asked me if I got everything straightened out at the hospital. I assured him I did.

This morning I was over at Div. Hq’s. for an interview for Army Specialized Training School. This afternoon I helped clean the grease off of some new Tommy guns that came in.

I’m kinda glad we’re on the alert tonight. I’ll have a chance to get some sleep. Last nite a kid took me to Fort Riley to see “Lady of Burlesque”! Mercy!!

I didn’t do much today but for some reason I’m kinda tired. I can’t find a comfortable way to lay on this bunk & write.

As you see I’m sending some snaps I took at Lake Nemaha.

What are you doing tonight, Honey? Taking care of the kids? Ha! Or drunk again?

I feel like getting tanked up tonite – but in the first place – I can’t go to the P.X. & second I’d likely feel like hell tomorrow.

I guess- I better get a letter from you tomorrow. Bye for now honey. Write soon!

All My Love

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