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Monday, August 16, 2010

May 4, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
May 4, 1943
9:30 A.M.

(inside flap)


Darling Mark:

Here it is Tues. morning & I’m just laying around. We don’t start work till 11:00. We usually take a walk about an hour & then come back & eat. I suppose we’ll fire again today.

There’s a big blackjack game going on in the middle of the floor – I wonder if I’m lucky today? I don’t know whether I could concentrate on cards or not – I think of you so much.

It sure is a swell day. They tell us we’re going to start wearing our khaki uniform the 15th, but I wish they would start sooner – it’s so hot. Honey – I’m going to stop for awhile now, but I’ll write after chow & tonight I’ll finish this letter. I just got thru mailing one. I don’t want to mail them the same day – bye for now – honey XOXXX.

2:20 Hello honey – I’m on guard tonight so I didn’t have to go with the co. today.

I’ve just finished showering shining my shoes & cleaning my pistol. In about ½ hr. we go out for practice guard mount & at 4 we relieve the old guard. I’m guarding the motor pool tonite & I hope I catch a Louie down there – I’ll blow daylight thru him. I sure feel mean today – you ought to be here.

I told the orderlie room clerk to put me on guard today – so I wouldn’t have to take any chances of getting it on the week-end.

I got 9 1/2 hrs. sleep last nite – it sure felt good. I won’t get much tonite tho. They’re calling me it now – honey. Bye again.

7:20. Here I am again – I go on guard at 8:00 tho. I just finished chasing a prisoner around.
It’s nice up here this evening – I wish you were here with me. Oh-oh – I got to go again honey –

10:00 I’ve just come off guard. I don’t go back now till
2:00 next morning. I’d better finish this letter now honey – or I’ll be writing a week from now. I expect a letter from you tomorrow – then I’ll write again.

Goodnite honey – I’ll be seein’ ya! I love you.

All My Love

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