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Thursday, August 26, 2010

May 10, 1943

Written on a radio operator's "MESSAGE" pad

Fort Riley, Kansas


Time Field: 9:15 Msg Cen No. How Sent



No.:_____________________________________ Date: May 10, 1943

To: Darling Mark:

Did you and Lu get home okay Sun. nite or Monday morning? I wish I could have shown you a better time while you were here. Just seeing you was good enough for me.

You’re probably “wondering” why I’m writing on this message sheet huh? We’re out on a problem this morning & I’m operating a radio. It’s raining like hell here yet. We finally got sense enough to put the top on – after we got wet. I’ve got it pretty soft – just sitting here by the radio. Kinda cozy – wish you were here. We’re on the defense against “A” co. I might get this written between calls on the radio.

It’ll probably be too late when I get in tonight to write on stationery – but if I have a letter from you I’ll stay up & write.
Nothing has happened as yet to me – but I’ll probably hear something tonite. I don’t care what happens – it was worth it.

Honey – I better close for now. This radio is keeping me pretty busy all of a sudden.
Write soon – Honey – I miss you. Pretty tired today? I’ll bet! Do you still “wonder” Sweetheart?

All My Love


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