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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

May 5, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
May 5, 1943
7:45 P.M.

Darling Mark:

I expected your letter today & got it. I’d have sure been a disappointed guy if I hadn’t.

I was thru with guard duty today at 4:00. I’ve just finished chow & feel like a contented kitten. I have to fall out at 8:00 & listen to some Articles of War. When I get back I’ll finish this letter.

Mercy! – is it windy & dusty here now. The sky is full of dust – I hope it rains & settles it. Honey – I’ll close for now – I gotta go! I miss you more than I can say – honey.

9:00 P.M. Well – that’s over. In other words – they told us we had better be good little soldiers – or else!

The wind is getting stronger every minute – it must be blowing about 50 miles per (20 MIN. INTERRUPTION)
Some kid has been sitting here talking about the day when he’s married & has kids. The punk’s only 18. He’s got two women & don’t know which one he wants or which one wants him or “sumpin”. I think he’s had a hard day – or this Army’s getting him down.

How did you come out in your golf lesson – honey? Think you’ll be able to beat me? You’ll probably have to give me a handicap of about 10 strokes.

Honey it’s getting late & I have to do some studying tonight yet – before lights go out.

I’ll write again tomorrow even if I don’t get a letter from you. I hope I do tho.

I’ve just lit up a pipe full of tobacco. I can sit here & smoke & concentrate on you till I fall asleep now. I hope I can dream of you tonight – then I will have pleasant dreams.

I hope I’m not restricted this week-end or I’ll go A.W.O.L. despite the lecture they gave us tonight.

I guess I’ll meet you & Lu. on the 11:00 bus won’t I?

Well Sweetheart, I’d better start studying for a test tomorrow.

Goodnite Honey. I’m thinking of you – don’t forget.

Please write soon, Mark!

All My Love

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