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Monday, August 9, 2010

April 29, 1943

Fort Riley, Kansas
April 29, 1943
Wed. evening

Darling Mark:

I just woke up for mail call to get a letter from you - & believe me that’s the only thing that could have got me up – except maybe chow.

We worked till noon yesterday & got the afternoon off to sleep – but I didn’t. Last night from 8:30 till 7 this morning we were on a night problem. Boy – am I tired. I’ve been sleeping all day but I’m still tired. We have another all-night problem coming up tonight too. I guess we’ll have them the rest of the week.

We’re camped beside Lake Nemaha somewhere up in Kans. about 7 miles from Neb.

How’s the measles coming along – honey? I hope you’re feeling better. I so tired I can hardly stay awake.

I sure wish I was with you honey – I miss you terribly. I know I could stay awake with you.

How did you come out in your last golf lesson? Is Lu. taking up golf too?

Oh- honey How I wish you were here or I down there. I think about you all of the time. I hope I get to see you soon.

Sweetheart I guess I could write on & on but it would only be repetition of what I’ve been saying & I miss you & love you very much honey.

I guess I’d better close now & get my equipment ready for tonight. It looks like rain tonite too. I bet it’ll be a long nite – but then that will give me more time to think of you.

The Capt. got on amphibian on the lake now – just having a heluva time. There’s about 350 acres of water in the lake.

Tell everyone hello for me honey. Tell ”Dede”? hello too.

Good-nite sweetheart!! Please write soon!

All My Love – Johnny
Your letters are never dull honey! I miss you honey!

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